Integrated Community Development Program - Smile always Foundation - We are dedicated to care children, promote independence and build strong families through activities with the resources available.
“We are dedicated to care children, promote independence and build strong families through activities with the resources available.”

Integrated Community Development Program

Smile always Foundation are starting Integrated Community Development Program to serve the backward communities where the family is benefited rather than an individual child.  In this new approach the children receive opportunity to pursue their education while the parents are provided with an opportunity to develop new skills and participate in group activities and also inculcate habit of savings to develop them to reach sustainability. With a small beginning of 25 children in this program it is also expanded further and the present strength in this program is 570 children. This is a family focus program.  Through this program more than 2000 members are being benefited. These families are on the path of development to reach sustainability. The activity components of  ....


Saving Based Credit & IGA's

Money has a very prominent role in the man’s life in this society. Gradual increase of the values are always stable in the situation of any kind. Saving money for tomorrow is nothing but reducing strain and increasing the ability of meeting the needs of the day present. Like how rain drops expands as seas, small saving can also promise Flourishing life of tomorrow.

Group Members Income increased by 10 % through Savings. As the skills are developed for the group members, they are involved in group savings and income generation. This is one of the initial motivating factors in the formation of groups, particularly as benefits of savings are seen in the community. It is aimed that the groups will invest their savings in Income generating activities.

  • Inculcate habit of Savings to the group members and establish with a view to establish savings based credit system by Area Development Organizers and Development Assistants. The Program at present has group's members.
  • We establish Income generating activities in the target Community with the support of Savings Based Credit system.


Saving Groups

Group members are regularly involved in monthly savings. It is anticipated that each group member depending on their wages will contribute Rs. 30/- for a month into the Group Savings Fund. It is aimed that the groups will invest their savings in income generating activities.

Group members will formulate resolutions as to the contribution of amounts and learns to maintain their own Cash Books, Ledger and Transactions and also Bank/Post Office Accounts. The group itself manages all funds and members together decide how to invest and share the profits. The people managed self-help savings and loans strategy will be presented so that groups will be able to commit themselves to loan-making and repayment procedures for successful savings based credit.

Income Generating Activities

Supporting amount will be provided from the group savings accounts to individual group members or collectively to carry out Income Generating Activities. The group will decide on the suitable activities as well as the interest to be paid.
Program Field Staff assist the groups in selecting and managing profitable income generating activities firstly

using skills available in the groups and then introducing new skills where appropriate. The activities for income generation depend on local resources, both materials and skills.

  • Conduct training to Farmers
  • Conduct Awareness programs on Thrift and credit activities for saving groups.
  • Participatory training for saving groups.
  • Skill building training for saving groups.