About Us - Smile always Foundation
“We are dedicated to care children, promote independence and build strong families through activities with the resources available.”

About Us Overview

Who we are

Smile always Foundation (SAF) is a non-profit organization working for underprivileged children - orphan, destitute and other vulnerable groups and their communities towards a wholesome future filled with hope, dignity, justice and peace. Reach out to the poorest of the poor in India without respect to caste, creed and colour.

Our Mission:
We are dedicated to care children, promote independence and build strong families through activities with the resources available.
Our Vision:
Vulnerable children, their families and communities are developed towards wholesome future filled with hope, dignity, justice and peace.

Smile always Foundation commenced its service during 2005 by providing Food, Shelter and Education to the Orphan, Semi-Orphan, Destitute and underprivileged children in some of the backward areas in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in India. Since then the ‘Smile always’ is involved in communities in Child care and education, Water and Sanitation, Health care interventions, Environmental awareness, Capacity building, Women empowerment, Saving based activities, Relief at the time of natural calamities.

Smile always Foundation is a registered organization under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act 35 of 2001, with its office in Hyderabad, India. SAF has 12A, 80G Tax exemption under Income Tax registration and also has FCRA.

Smile always Foundation is an independent entity within our country with a distinctly national identity. An active Board of Executive Committee governs ‘Smile always’.

Aims and Objects
  1. To Coordinate with Government and Non-Governmental Organizations in implementing the Rural and Urban Development Programmes.
  2. To establish Hostels, schools for to the Orphan, down-trodden, destitute, neglected, poverty stricken children of the society and to provide systematic and innovative way of education and trainings for the marginalized community.
  3. To introduce Environmental Education among the rural and urban society and to motivate them to work for the safe and sound environment.
  4. To undertake Health Promotion activities and specially HIV / AIDS, TB and Malaria and to widen the horizon of members on the area of prevention and protection. And also undertake disability activities.
  5. To assist disaster management services in the wake of Natural Calamities like Floods, Cyclones, Drought, and Earth – quakes and take up relief and rehabilitation.
What does ‘Smile always’ do...

Children are the focus of ‘Smile always’ work. We work together with the communities, families and children in their journey towards development.

We do this by working with the communities to help them reach the basic standards of physical, intellectual, socio-economic and moral well-being. ‘Smile always’ facilitates the formation and growth of community-based organizations (CBOs), which are able to identify the problems faced by the community, especially children, and work with them to find solutions. This is our strategy for sustainable development.

‘Smile always’ also responds to disasters due to natural calamities in the country.  Read More

Where does ‘Smile always’ work...

‘Smile always’ work in India is spread over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. Today our staff works in close to communities, touching the lives of a more than people, which includes children directly benefiting through Child Support Program(Orphan Children Support). children are benefited through ICDP program of ‘Smile always’ around the state through the dedicated work of our staff in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States.