Integrated Community Development Program - Smile always Foundation - We are dedicated to care children, promote independence and build strong families through activities with the resources available.
“We are dedicated to care children, promote independence and build strong families through activities with the resources available.”

Integrated Community Development Program

Smile always Foundation are starting Integrated Community Development Program to serve the backward communities where the family is benefited rather than an individual child.  In this new approach the children receive opportunity to pursue their education while the parents are provided with an opportunity to develop new skills and participate in group activities and also inculcate habit of savings to develop them to reach sustainability. With a small beginning of children in this program it is also expanded further and the strength in this program. This is a family focus program.  These families are on the path of development to reach sustainability. The activity components of  ....


Health Promotion

Integrated Community Development Program has been undertaking health interventions for Health promotion in the communities. The health of the individual family members and thereby communities are slowly improving day by day following intervention of our program.  At present, there are more HIV infections every year. The trend in increasing infections poses a major threat to development in the communities. Therefore, ICD propose to undertake health promotion effectively integrating HIV prevention in the communities.

  • Conduct Health awareness and health related interventions for people in the groups in particular and in the community in general by Health Promoter.
  • Conduct HIV/AIDS awareness through related interventions for people in communities with a view to prevent and reverse HIV infections by Health workers.


Primary Health Care and Awareness (PHCA)

Health standards improved for the Group Participants and frequency of illness reduced. Integrated Community Development program provides health education and health care of the group members.  Health Promoters are appointed to undertake this Activity. The emphasis is on Women and Child health and the program is for all the group participants and their immediate families. The health education program consists of 15 lessons as determined by the area needs following the PRA surveys.

It is proposed that 100 per cent of the participants know how to administer ORT. It is aimed that 20 Safe Delivery Attendants (SDA) receive training in conducting safe deliveries.

  • Awareness on ATM (AIDS, T.B & Malaria)
  • Training on health and hygiene to TOT’s
  • Conduct awareness on ANC/PNC
  • Awareness on Communicable Diseases
  • Women health
  • Prevention of Epidemics
  • ORS, Diarrhea case management
  • Organize programs to sensitize the community on Polio, Hepatitis B etc
  • Providing demonstration classes for nutritional values among the community
  • Awareness on TB
  • Organizing Immunization Camps.
  • Resource mobilization from local Government for low cost toilets.

HIV/AIDS Awareness

Over the years the HIV/AIDS epidemic has moved from urban to rural India and from high risk to general population. While working with community groups, and also undertaking HIV/AIDS project during the past year the ‘Smile always’ have had experience that the people in rural communities affected with this dread disease and they are ignorant of the disease. The primary concern is to halt and reverse the prevalence in our target communities next few years.  Condom promotion is incorporated in to prevention strategy.
The following activities are undertaking in the communities.

  • HIV/AIDS Awareness
  • World AIDS Day observation
  • Trainings for community leaders/Staff
  • Education for Students 
  • Saving Group Leaders Sensitization on HIV/AIDS
  • Life skills Education for Adolescent and Girls.

Environmental Protection and Sanitation

There are strong linkages between poverty and environment. Most of the target groups live in areas with limited natural resources and where the environment is badly degraded. This involves promoting good practices that will enhance the environment such as sanitation, tree plantation and avoiding practices that result in environmental degradation.

The Target Groups encouraged using and constructing sanitary latrines in their house premises. Subsidy is provided for the group members who come forward to construct sanitary latrines.


Pentamma is the Community Leader in Lalgadi Malakpet in the district of Rangareddy. Before the ICD Program, she was not part of the governance at the community level. But what changed it all, were toilets. “Before the Program, there were no toilets here. After the ICD Program they showed us the new Squat toilets”, explains Pentamma. Squat is an eco-friendly, flush less, dry pit toilet. The Smile always recommends the use of this model in Telangana.

Pentamma was one of the first villagers to be convinced: “I asked them to build mine first. Work began the very next week. They taught me how to use it”. She was convinced and she started promoting it among her neighbors. “I spent an hour every day going from house to house, explaining the benefits of Squat. Eventually, all of them installed Squat toilets”. Squat toilets have been built in her community and Pentamma, thanks to her commitment, has become Community Leader.

Shirisha’s Story : HAPPY TO HELP

It was the first time I have seen Shirisha the identified child of ICD program, sitting alone in the school, away from all her friends who were playing around with joyous mood. A Tear drop fallen from her eye clearly left the impact on her dry cheeks can speak many things about her inner heart. Desperate looks from her pale eyes shows that she is under very big depression. I heard much about her through our field officer. She was suffering with TOF, Pulmonary Atresia, and LPA Stenosis. She has to undergo an operation (Intra Cardiac Repair with pericardial valve conduit) as early as possible.

Shirisha was just 7 years old. The parents of this child took her many places for the treatment. Some doctors said she is too young to withstand such an operation at this age. They asked the parents to see them when the child gets 10 years. Other doctors said it is a very expensive operation and requires a lot of money.

In this the parents also could not do anything to her. They approach the field staff and explained the matter. The operation costs was approximately Rs $. This amount cannot even imagine from her parents but the operation is a must as the child’s condition is becoming worst day by day. Her parents so depressed and worried about the future of this child.

A strong decision I made myself to do my best to help this little child, who is in need of her life to be extended.

Then we took the child to Dr. Murthy and Dr. Pramod Reddy (Innova Hospital, Tarnaka) who were the surgeons and discussed the matter. After all the discussions the doctors decided to do operation and asked us to arrange money. Then we started thinking to get the source of getting money but it went very difficult for us.

We approached Government officials and given an application for the financial support, but it didn’t work out. The only thing we could do was praying. We sincerely prayed God to show us a way.

When we were having different plans to raise money for her operation, God has a plan for this little child. This is what exactly happened in her life by the sincere efforts of ‘Smile always’. All our efforts were blessed and God opened a way through Government of India.

The state government of Andhra Pradesh responding our request has sanctioned rupees $ to this child, as there is a scheme implemented for the human health welfare called “Rajiv Arogya Sree ”. It is really a miracle God has done to this child.

All the field staff and myself did our best in getting the arrangements for Shirisha’s operation.

Finally by the grace of God the operation went successfully. “Man shall not live by bread alone but by the word of God” .

All are very happy and the joy we had... I just can’t explain. We all thanked God for the miracle He has done in Shirisha’s life.

...Now Shirisha is very active and leading normal life. She forgot the terrible time happened to her. Whenever I meet her she smiles at me with gratitude. I really appreciate the field staff for their commitment in attending this poor and needy child in right time.

- Mr.Suddu