Aid, Health & Support - Smile always Foundation - We are dedicated to care children, promote independence and build strong families through activities with the resources available.
“We are dedicated to care children, promote independence and build strong families through activities with the resources available.”

Aid, Health and Support

THANK YOU for your generous support.

Dear Valued Donors, With your kind Donations, we have supported for poorly funded hospitals attending COVID-19 patients, and COVID-19 Home Prevention Kit for the low income COVID-19 diagnosed families & food relief kit for the vulnerable ones.

Provided Oxygen concentrators and medical kit for poorly funded Hospitals:
We have distributed two Oxygen Concentrator and other material for 10 Hospitals in Telanaga and Andhra Pradesh States in India. Item List below for each kit.

• Oxygen Concentrator - 2
• Digital Thermometer- 5 and Tft Oximeter- 5
• Steamer- 5
• Surgical Mask (100 Pcs)- 20 and Surgical Gloves Latex (100 Pcs)-20
• Scorpian Disinfectant Liq 5 Ltr-10
• Dr. Marvin Hand Sanitizer 5 Ltr-10


Provided Covid-19 Home Prevention Care Kit:
We have provided Covid-19 Home Prevention Care Kit for 500 Covid Positives Families in Telanaga and Andhra Pradesh States in India . COVID-19 diagnosed data a weekly distribution plan in place. Only diagnosed COVID-19 positive patients from low income families are eligible for the same. Item List below for each Kit.

• Thermometer-1, Oximeter -1 & Battery Cell(2) -2
• Steamer- 1 & N95 Mask - 2
• Disinfectant Liquid (1 Ltr)- 1
• Hand Sanitisers (1 Ltr)- 1
• Paracetamol Tablet (650mg ) Strip 10 tbt- 2
• Glucon D (500GM)-1, Dettol / Lifebuoy + Soaps- 4


We have provided Dry ration nutrition kits:
5000+ dry ration nutrition kits to COVID-19 positive patients and poor families in target locations. Item List below for each Kit.

• Rice -5 to 15 Kg, Atta -5 Kg
• Tur Dal- 3 to 5 Kg, Chan Dal-5Kg (Some Kits)
• Oil- 1-3 Ltr
• Salt -1 Kg
• Tea Powder- 250 Gms, Sugar-2kg(Some Kits)
• Tamarind -250 g, Turmeric - 250 g


Listed Covid Patients in 10 hospitals and two states in India benefited through this project. 500 families received food grains and Covid-19 Prevention kits. 5000+ Families have got an access to food at the time of starvation. The risk management has been done for the successful implementation of the project.

Join the mission to support critical COVID patients, charitable hospitals and COVID Care Centres. Your contribution will help them fight COVID safely and more effectively. Smile always will share regular updates of disbursements and impact in the On Ground.

Stay masked and stay safe.

Hygiene Kits Distribution

A major Fire accident took place in Sai Nagar, Nagole Area L B Nagar in Hyderabad About 600 huts gutted leaving more than 3500 people homeless. 

Rains lash Hyderabad, 9 killed
The people in Sai Nagar, Nagole Area who are under temporary shelters had a tough time with in the span of 4 months added to their owes they stuck in floods and their temporary houses were completely flooded due to the heavy rain on Friday night. About 645 poor and drown trodden families were living in this area as water gushed into their houses. They lost all their belongings and they are living in pathetic condition and misery. The water inundation will bring on communicable diseases and epidemics. There are 50 schools going children in this colony and they are not attending to their Schools due to these floods.
Hygiene Kits Distribution Program:
We have Distributed 350 Hygiene Kits to Flood Victims families in Sai Nagar, Nagole, Hyderabad.

The Disability Services

Individuals with physical & mental disabilities often struggle for visibility & a voice within their communities.

Smile always Foundation’s endeavour is to make a positive contribution in their lives by gifting them a wheelchair.  

Smile always Foundation is a non-profit supplier of appropriate wheelchairs and other mobility products for people with disabilities, working through a network of service partners all over India. 

The wheel chairs are custom made to meet the specific individual need of the people. Currently, the identified disability people and distributed 100 wheelchairs/Tri-cycles.