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“We are dedicated to care children, promote independence and build strong families through activities with the resources available.”

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About Child Sponsorship

    1. What is Smile always Foundation?

    2. What does 'Smile always' do?

    3. Where does 'Smile always' work?

    4. What is Child Sponsorship?

    5. Child Sponsorship in operation?

    6. My Sponsorship?

    7. Payment

    8. Child Sponsorship - Letters, Gifts & Visits

    9. 'Smile always' work

    1.What is Smile always Foundation?

    Smile always Foundation helping children and their communities towards a wholesome future filled with hope, dignity, justice and peace. Reaching out to the poorest of the poor in India without respect to caste, creed, race or religion. ‘Smile always’ works through partnerships to bring about lasting change and build our nation.

    Our Foundation provides all the facilities to support the poor and downtrodden and also encourage adult education among illiterates.

    Regarding the "Development of Women" we have given training in handicraft and skill training courses to give golden passages to their future lives.

    ‘Smile always’ takes the Great Part for Good Health, Protected activities, houses to the suitable and needy.

    As the program grows and develops, more and more children (and their families) will gain the skills they need to lift themselves out of poverty.

    Smile always Foundation is a registered organization under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Act 35 of 2001, ‘Smile always’ has FCRA registration and also has 80G tax exemption under Indian Income Tax with its office in Hyderabad, T.S., India.

    ‘Smile always’ is an independent entity within our country with a distinctly national identity. An active Board of Executive Commitee governs Smile always Foundation.


    2. What does 'Smile always' do?

    Children are the focus of ‘Smile always’ work. We work together with the communities, families and children in their journey towards development.

    We do this by working with the communities to help them reach the basic standards of physical, intellectual, socio-economic and moral well-being. ‘Smile always’ facilitates the formation and growth of community-based organizations (CBOs), which are able to identify the problems faced by the community, especially children, and work with them to find solutions. This is our strategy for sustainable development.

    ‘Smile always’ also responds to disasters due to natural calamities in the country. 


    3. Where does 'Smile always' work?

    ‘Smile always’ work in India is spread over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana statea in India. Today our staff works in close to communities, touching the lives of a more than people, which includes children directly benefiting through Child Sponsorship. children are benefited through ICD programmes of ‘Smile always’ around the country through the dedicated work of our staff in India.

    We work along with the communities, families and children in their journey towards reaching self-sufficiency. Our unique way of doing this is through Integrated Community Development Programmes that bring about lasting change in the communities.


    4. What is Child Sponsorship?

    ‘Smile always’ Child Sponsorship is the commitment you, as a sponsor, make to change the life of a poor and needy child and his or her community through regular contributions. It is a relationship between you, your sponsored child, your sponsored child’s family and community. This relationship is aimed at giving a better life not only to the child but also to the whole family and the entire community as well while you have the satisfaction of not only the relationship with the child and his or her family, but also of having invested in building a new India, through our children.


    4.1 Child Sponsorship an effective way to help?

    Yes. The best way to change the life of a child is to change the world in which he or she lives. By sponsoring a child, you will help to bring about a lasting change in the child’s community and enable the child to grow up in a much happier and healthier environment.

    Your sponsorship helps fund areas such as healthcare, agriculture, and education—whatever the community needs most. We do this in partnership with the local people. The most vulnerable children are selected by the community to be a part of the Child Sponsorship programme.

    When you become a child sponsor, you can see for yourself the progress of your sponsored child's development and also that of the community.


    4.2 How can I be sure that the money I send is managed correctly? Who audits 'Smile always' accounts?

    ‘Smile always’ is committed to the highest levels of stewardship of all its resources. Through systematic monitoring and evaluation of all its programmes, ‘Smile always’ seeks ongoing improvement of the quality of its programmes. In addition, ‘Smile always’ has systematic financial audits (internal and external) each year of all its programmes. N G Rao & Associates . is our current external auditors.

    In addition to these annual reviews and audits, ‘Smile always’ maintains a high level of accountability to its key stakeholders starting from the communities that we work in, the government and our sponsors and donors. Total transparency in transactions with the government and our supporters is the norm.

    Further, any sponsor is free to visit the child or children that he or she sponsors to see the impact sponsorship is making in the lives of these children.

    Our annual report contains the audited financial statement and is available on request. Reports are sent to the Home ministry and Income tax office.

    Many sponsors have visited ‘Smile always’ projects to see for themselves that the money they donate gets there and is used wisely. Our sponsors receive a community newsletter each year, which reports on how sponsors' money is helping to change people's lives.


    4.3 How does my sponsored child benefit?

    ‘Smile always’ aims to promote lasting change in the life of the sponsored child and our aim is to benefit and encourage every person in the child’s community to become a strong and productive member, thus moving the whole community towards self-reliance. Your support will provide a child with supplementary nutrition, education and health care, and also help the family as well as the community that your sponsored child lives in. This gives a chance for children to experience a normal, healthy and happy childhood.


    4.4 Why should I help a child who lives with his/her parents?

    ‘Smile always’ India is about building sustainable communities for children so that they have a better and different future. ‘Smile always’ assists children living with parents because such assistance enables them to remain as a family unit. In many families, either the father or mother is dead or disabled or one of the parents has abandoned the family. In other instances the parents are very poor and the income is too little for survival.

    Therefore ‘Smile always’ helps to keep the family together and the children have one or both parents with whom they can share their love.


    5. Child Sponsorship in operation

    5.1 How long can I sponsor a child?

    ‘Smile always’  Child Sponsorship is generally a long-term commitment, up to 10 years or more. You can sponsor the same child for as long as the project continues or as long as the child remains in the sponsorship programme (often well into their teens).

    Once the sponsorship project meets its objectives, it is time to celebrate the many achievements—healthier children and better living conditions, educational programmes that work and a community with greater confidence for a more positive future.

    On occasion, there may be a change in the circumstances of either your sponsored child or you, which may reduce the period of sponsorship.


    5.2 Is there a specific age for a child to be sponsored?

    Not really. Normally school-going children are sponsored. However, you are free to request a younger child. However, if there are specific requests from the sponsors we try our best to comply with their wishes.


    5.3 What are Partner ID and Child ID? Do I need to mention this whenever I correspond?

    When you become a Sponsor, we will send you a reference number, which is called the Partner ID. This is useful for processing transactions quickly. In the same way, when a child becomes a part of the Child Sponsorship programme, he or she is assigned a reference number, which is called the Child ID. We will send you these when you become a sponsor.

    It is necessary that you mention your Partner ID and Child ID in all correspondence. It helps us to sort and process correspondences quickly, especially when you send your contributio.


    5.4 Do I get a progress report on my sponsored child and his or her community?

    When you become a sponsor, you will receive a pack containing a photo along with the personal details of the child and his or her family and also information about the community where he/she lives.

    A year later, you will receive your sponsored child’s annual progress report. The community newsletter and a greeting card will also be sent to you during the year. The child will also write back to you if you write to him or her.


    5.5 How are children chosen for sponsorship?

    As a norm, ‘Smile always’  works with the communities forming a group of community members that make collective decisions for the community. The most vulnerable children in the project area are selected by the community group to take part in the Child Sponsorship programme.

    Families are also asked if they want to be part of the sponsorship programme, with the understanding that all the children and families in the community will share the benefits across the community.


    5.6 Am I the only sponsor for my sponsored child?

    Yes. ‘Smile always’ assigns only one sponsor per sponsored child.


    5.7 Can I sponsor more than one child?

    Yes. You can sponsor as many children as you wish to. There are many children waiting for sponsorship.


    5.8 Can I sponsor an orphaned or handicapped child?

    Yes. 'Smile always' run orphanages. However, if there are orphan or semi-orphan children within a community, you can sponsor them if you wish to.


    5.9 Can I sponsor a child anonymously through Smile always Foundation? Also please let me know if you can send updates only via email.

    Anonymous sponsorship is not possible. If you choose to sponsor a child by furnishing your details, we can ensure that updates happen only via email.


    5.10 What happens to the sponsorship if the child migrates?

    If the child/family migrates we will inform you and the sponsorship will be discontinued. As there are many other children in need we will assign another child to you and your sponsorship gifts will be adjusted against the new child.


    6. My Sponsorship

    6.1 What is paid upto date?

    "Paid upto" indicates the month & year upto which payments were allocated to the child, "Payment History" indicates the dates when the transactions were made. In case, payments were not given for a particular month, it will be automatically adjusted from the next payment.


    7. Payment

    7.1 How do I send my contribution (sponsorship gift) to Smile always?

    The sponsorship gift amount is payable monthly (Rs.1,000), quarterly (Rs.3,000), biannually (Rs.6,000) or annually (Rs.12,000); whichever is most convenient to you. You can send it by money order, demand draft, cheque or credit card (even through the Internet).

    You can send post-dated cheques or authorize monthly deductions from your credit card until further written notice from you. Please do not send Postal Orders and also avoid sending cash through mail. Always make your cheques / DDs favouring "Smile always Foundation"

    To make it more convenient for you, you can make your payments through our new payment gateway online(Coming soon).


    7.2 How can I be sure my payment through the Internet is safe?

    You can be assured that all transactions on our site are safe. Online security is a primary concern and that is why the Smile always Foundation site is certified as a ________ secure site.(Coming soon)


    7.3 Can I send money to the child directly or to the local 'Smile alway' office where I live?

    Receipts for all contributions are issued only by the section for Donor Relations at the Office in Hyderabad and Orphanages. To avoid unnecessary delays, please send your contributions directly to the Donor Relations department at the Hyderabad office for quick receipting.


    7.4 How do I update my payment details or change payment method?

    If you wish to change your payment method to credit card or update your credit card details, please contact our Donor Relations department at the Head office in Hyderabad.

    You can call us at +91-9550086860 or you can write to Donor Relations, Smile always Foundation, Road No.7C & 9B, Mamatha Nagar, Nagole, Hyderabad - 500 068. You can also e-mail us at admin@smilealways.org.

    For further details, you can always get in touch with us through our Phone Number +91-9550086860 (during business hours between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm)


    7.5 Do I need to inform you about my credit card expiry date?

    Yes, this would help us to process transactions quickly and avoid unnecessary delays. For any change in the credit card details, you will have to fill a new authorization form.


    7.6 How much of the contribution I send is tax exempted?

    All donations to 'Smile always' are tax exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Our receipt carries this message and the receipt will suffice for claiming tax exemption. The tax rebate is 50% of your contribution to 'Smile always'. Tax exemption is valid only in India. Please avoid making a donation of less than Rs.1,000/- (for 80G) as the processing costs make it unviable for us. Donations in the form of food, clothes or any other items will not be eligible for a deduction under Section 80G. Also, donations made in cash that exceed Rs. 2,000 cannot be claimed as a deduction.


    7.7 How do I update my contact details?

    If you have changed your postal address, contact phone number, email address or your name, please contact our Donor Relations department at the Head office in Hyderabad.

    Smile always Foundation, Road No.7C & 9B, Mamatha Nagar, Nagole, Hyderabad - 500 068.

    You can also e-mail us at admin@smilealways.org
    Phone: +91-9550086860


    7.8 What if I cannot continue my sponsorship payments? What will happen to the child?

    We understand that financial and personal situations change. If you need to cancel, just let us know and we will find another sponsor for your child. Your child will not be neglected. 'Smile always' will ensure that the funding commitment to the project is maintained. The benefits as planned for the children in the community will be carried out.


    8. Child Sponsorship - Letters, Gifts & Visits

    8.1 Can I write to my sponsored child?

    You can certainly write to your sponsored child. In fact, we encourage our sponsors to write to their children so as to get to know them and their family better. Your sponsored child can also write to you. Many sponsors and sponsored children find this a rewarding experience. If the child is very young or does not know how to write, someone will probably help him/her to write or the project staff will write on their behalf.


    8.2 To whom should I address the letters and cards I send to my sponsored child?

    Any communication to your child should be addressed to Donor Relations, ‘Smile always’, at the Office.

    Our address is:
    ‘Smile always Foundation’ Road No.7C & 9B, Mamatha Nagar, Nagole, Hyderabad - 500 068

    For quick reference and easy processing it is also important that you write your full name, Sponsor Reference Number, the child’s name and ID Number either on the envelope or in the correspondence.

    Your Sponsor Reference Number is always found on the right portion of your receipt, after your name, e.g. 112 354 2 or 999212.

    You can find your Sponsored Child’s ID number in the Picture Folder.eg. KAIRA RAMADEVI - ID. No: ISD 01.016

    We do not encourage sponsors to write directly to their sponsored children as the address of sponsors may fall into wrong hands and be misused.


    8.3 What should I do if my sponsored child contacts me through Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.?

    'Smile always' Child Protection and Social Media policies do not allow direct correspondence between the sponsor and the sponsored child and family. Please delete and do not accept friend requests or unsolicited email from your sponsored child or the child's family members.

    'Smile always' cannot protect you or your sponsored child if we are not involved in the correspondence between you and the child. Two examples of why we do not allow direct correspondence despite its seeming benefits are: A family member or someone who knows the child could go online, create an account and pretend to be the child and make demands for money etc. The other reason is so that we can ensure that the content sent to the child is appropriate and culturally sensitive.

    'Smile always' discourages direct, unfacilitated, undocumented communication through social media platforms without 'Smile always' permission between: a sponsor/donor and registered/ non-registered child(ren).

    Social media includes but is not limited to: social networking sites, online discussion forums, email, podcast/videocasts, microblogging, regular blogging, RSS, wiki, instant messaging, shared/distributed photographs, videos, audio clips, podcasts, virtual gaming and communities, social media use of mobile phones, etc.

    As a child-focused organisation, 'Smile always' recognises that social media has brought new types and levels of risks to children. While 'Smile always' cannot control the use of technology and social media, we promote empowerment of children and parents to understand how to safely utilize social media while avoiding risks.

    If a registered child, family member/legal guardian or donor/sponsor has breached standards ensure to immediately report such incidences by emailing us at admin@smilealways.org


    8.4. How can I help you process receipts faster?

    It is sufficient if you mention your Partner ID and child ID on the reverse side of the Cheque or DD.

    When we receive Cheques or DDs without names or addresses, they are put into an Anonymous Account. We correct the receipt to the sponsor's name only when the sponsor asks for the receipt. Therefore, please write your full name and address on the envelope or in your letter.


    8.5 Can I send extra gift money to my sponsored child?

    Extra gift money for the child's education, medical needs or project needs is always welcome.

    However, extra money for a particular child or family is not encouraged as it can cause jealousy among other members of a community. If it is meant for the needs of a project, the benefit extends to the whole community and this is acceptable.

    If the gift amount is too small, the administrative cost for sending the money is very high, therefore we suggest that your gift money be a minimum of Rs. 500/-. You can include this amount along with your regular monthly sponsorship gift.


    8.6 Why do you waste money on glossy and frequent mailers and appeals?

    People lead such fast paced lives these days and have very little time to spare. Bearing this in mind our materials are designed to attract the attention of the recipient. Also, much of our printing costs are subsidised by our printers, who charge the lowest that is possible for them sometimes even at the cost of losing out on their profits.

    We try to average about eight mailers a year. This includes the appeals that are sent during a calamity.

    In fact, if you could share these appeals with your friends and relatives, it would cut our costs even further.


    8.7 Can I visit my sponsored child?

    Yes. You are most welcome to visit the child you sponsor and meet the whole family.

    A visit means you can also see how much the people have been able to accomplish with your sponsorship support. A visit also makes your sponsorship more meaningful for you as well as your sponsored child.

    Kindly write to The Sponsorship Coordinator, Donor Relations, at office in Hyderabad, well in advance so that we can arrange for the visit. In some cases, when the project is too inaccessible, or you have time constraints because of which the child is to be brought from the project to meet you, then you will have to meet the travel cost, boarding and food for the child and escort.

    We request all our child sponsors to go through our Child Protection Policy before visiting the child.


    8.8 Can I adopt my sponsored child?

    No. 'Smile always' does not organize adoption. All our children live in Orphanages and live with their families in the community and the goal of sponsorship is to build up their community around them rather than relocating the children.


    9. 'Smile always' work

    9.1 'Smile always' receives foreign money, why are you asking Indians to contribute?

    Sponsorship is more than making a monthly gift to a child. It is investing in a different future for our nation through these children. We believe that this is an opportunity for all Indians to partner with us in this nation-building process.

    Further, your regular gifts not only bring lasting change to a community, but also give you the joy and satisfaction of having made the difference. We want to give Indians a chance to make a meaningful gift that will change the life of a child.


    9.2 Do only Christians/Hindus/ Muslims receive help from 'Smile always'?

    No. Smile always serves the poorest of the poor without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or religion.