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Clean Drinking Water

Water Wells, Safe and Clean Drinking Water Programme

As reported in India millions of deaths each year due to water borne diseases and it accounts for one third of the global deaths due to disease spread by contaminated food and water.  Most of the victims are children under five years of age, and diarrhea, followed by hepatitis account for water borne diseases in the country.  The reasons for such a high toll due to water borne diseases are lack of safe drinking water, and food hygiene conditions etc.,

Water borne diseases become more pronounced during summer due to scarcity of safe drinking water.  People, especially children suffer due to lack of potable water and the women trek long distances to fetch a pot of water.  Even in some areas a pot of drinking water is sold for Rs.15/- to Rs.25/-.

The people particularly women in these areas are dependent on bore-wells and where bore-wells are not available, women have to trek minimum two kilometers for just a pitcher of water.

The summer season is very hot in these districts with temperature reaching 40-46 degrees centigrade.  Fire accidents are very common during hot summer months of April and May.  People suffer due to lack of safe drinking water.
The provision of Drinking water in drought areas fulfilled the prime requirement of the people in these areas.  “Water most Sacred symbol of life”. 

The major beneficiaries from the programme are women and children.  The programme has made available clean and safe water accessible in the neighborhood.  The women have been saved a lot of time in fetching water trekking long distances.  The impact was on development of community, family and individuals.

During the year 2012, Water well program started in backward and drought hit areas. Since then SAF provided about 143 wells (new and replace) in drought hit districts of Prakasam, Kurnool, and Ranga Reddy districts in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, India.

The local people share manpower to providing as a local contribution. We have good experience in Digging the bore wells and providing the RO Systems and Small Filters for thirsty people.

Since then ‘Smile always’ provided Clean Drinking Water wells in the communities to ease the work of girl child and to give an opportunity to pursue their education. More than thousand girl child's and thousands of poor people benefitted through this programme.