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“We are dedicated to care children, promote independence and build strong families through activities with the resources available.”

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Fate of the poor children

In India millions of children come from Poverty-stricken families. The childhood of the Poor is miserable. The children are forced to do labour works to earn livelihood for the family.

Smile always Foundation is a non-profit organization working for orphan, destitute and other vulnerable groups and their communities towards a wholesome future filled with hope, dignity, justice and peace.

The foundation is running orphanages in Hyderabad.  We have established Orphanage’s during the year 2012 with a humble beginning of supporting 6 children that grew to 25 boys and 25 girls now.

We admit children falling into the following categories:
1) Children who have lost both or single parent
2) Children from Poverty-stricken families
3) Children of physically/mentally challenged parents
4) Children of families ravaged by HIV/AIDS
5) Children of Sex workers

  • To provide an opportunity for children to live in congenial atmosphere with parental love.

  • To provide food, shelter, education for orphan and destitute children.
  • To bring up the children in good discipline to become good citizens.
  • To make the children to learn basic skills to live on their own.
  • To provide medical care to the children.
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Activities undertaken in caring the children

Poor and orphan children come to orphanage from poverty stricken families. They are provided with Food, Shelter, Education, Clothing and Medical care. The children are attending the local school regularly and are provided with Books, School Bag, Pens and Pencils and School fee is paid for their admission and study in the school.

The children are being brought up under strict discipline. The children are being taught and given guidance for their physical, mental and spiritual growth.

The program is run by donations from local people from time to time. Your help and support for this cause is highly appreciated.

Donate Us

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Sponsor a child for lighten the lives of the Children. You can make a massive difference to Child life in Little Hearts Orphanage.

Your regular donation is incredibly valuable in helping to transform a life and give a child hope for the future to enjoy the life with dignity.
We aim to give all needy orphans every opportunity afforded to more fortunate children within their society. Quality education is an integral part of all our orphan sponsorships - ensuring your sponsored child has the chance to learn to lead a happy life with bright future with dignity that ultimately helps to build a sustained community that is free from poverty.

You can Sponsor a child for complete care and support for a Child to pursue the education and live comfortably in the orphanage.
Your sponsorship will give an opportunity to get food, pay for school fees, uniform, school books and stationery. Your sponsored child will benefit in many ways to develop to become a good citizen with self-reliance.

Your support helps not only your sponsored child but also the other children at the Orphanage, whether that is an orphanage, a school or a community, through the positive changes we are able to make to the child and for their whole community. 

You can support the activity with a help to provide basic amenities in the orphanage for the better living of the Children