Integrated Community Development Program - We are dedicated to care children, promote independence and build strong families through activities with the resources available.
“We are dedicated to care children, promote independence and build strong families through activities with the resources available.”

Integrated Community Development Program

Smile always Foundation are starting Integrated Community Development Program to serve the backward communities where the family is benefited rather than an individual child.  In this new approach the children receive opportunity to pursue their education while the parents are provided with an opportunity to develop new skills and participate in group activities and also inculcate habit of savings to develop them to reach sustainability. With a small beginning of 25 children in this program it is also expanded further and the present strength in this program is 570 children. This is a family focus program.  Through this program more than 2000 members are being benefited. These families are on the path of development to reach sustainability. The activity components of  ....


Child Education

The Integrated Community Development Program has been addressing the issue of Child education in the Communities.  As the Program is on the way towards sustainable development, this project plays a vital role.

  • We provide school needs to identified children in Govt.Schools of our target areas.
  • Provide extra coaching to children with the help of Tutors for better performance in their education.
  • We offer training to children who are in higher classes to gain knowledge about life skills and develop English language skills.
  • We organize meetings/seminars for all children and their parents to impart knowledge importance of education and understand about sustainable development.

Child Development

As the children are in higher classes and are growing there is need to develop the children to learn life skills and develop themselves to be a part in the process of child centered development. Training on life skills, English language  skills and meeting and seminar with parents to have more interaction and understanding about sustainable development.

  • We offer life skills training for the children and to develop themselves.
  • English language skills provided for children in higher classes.
  • Meetings and seminar with parents to have more understanding about education.
  • Awareness Programmes on importance of education.
  • Assist School with teaching and learning materials.(Lab equipment )
  • Important day’s celebration in all the target communities.
  • Training to teachers.
  • Formation of Children saving Bank.