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“We are dedicated to care children, promote independence and build strong families through activities with the resources available.”

Empowerment Programs

Youth welfare camps / Trainings

Most of the youth excelled even in board examinations in distinctions and merits.  Later the continuation of further education was difficult because it was college levels, very much expensive.

The only alternative was to go back to his/her village which would repeat the same underprivileged conditions from where she/he was picked up.  Initially, our experience and studies reveal that the youth was not being (after completion of 10th class) accommodated/accilimicised as he/she grew in rich congenial atmosphere provided in the hostels. 

When seriously thought of it, prayerfully we came up with a conclusion to start Youth Welfare Trainings that is giving technical training in respective skills.  Vocational skill training was given in typing, electrical works, motor driving, screen printing, computer training, basket making, sewing, tailoring and embroidery.

At the end of each course a recognized certificate was given along with subsidize equipment. Fortunately year by year the program excelled, many were able to earn themselves, their own livelihood and secured jobs. 

Women Empowerment

Our Organisation has been working for the upliftment and development of the Women’s from Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, and Backward Class Communities in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India.

Vocational Skills Training: The Vocational Training is provided such as Tailoring, Embroidery, Basket Making, Leaf plate making, and plastic/cane weaving for the women group participants.

In order to empower the women in the family and community Sewing Centres were established to give training to the women so that they may earn livelihood after training.  During training period the trainees save some money and receive some Loans towards starting their own enterprise that generates income for their livelihood.



Ray of Hope
“Learn & Earn”

Women Empowerment Program with a basic objective of creating alternative livelihood opportunities for the poor women   have sponsored a program under the banner “Learn and Earn” A Tailoring and lace making training program was initiated in August 2006, covering 10th and secondary saving group members in each group for a period of three months.

Women Empowerment Program with a focus to provide qualitative training has appointed Mrs.Marthamma Donakonda Village ,who has all the expertise and technically qualified in Tailoring and lace making. A marketing feasibility analysis has been made, and based on the market demands, wide range of partners, designs, colours and attractive models have been incorporated in the training.

The women who were working has agricultural laborers,which has always been seasonal were    living under the poverty line without much employment  opportunities earning a meager income which barely covered their minimum needs ,now with the opportunity provided to  “Learn and Earn “ have very happily getting trained, the women after the intensive three months training are provided with a of Rs 1000 for a group of three women to procure raw material. The women now are able to work independently are not just confined to producing the finished products are also very happily marketing in the local markets and are able to set a margin profit of Rs.1000 after clearing the loan amount.